Sunday, 22 May 2011

James and the Giant Peach Cover

James and the Giant Peach Cover

Entry for Penguin Design Awards: Children's Category


  1. WOW, I really love your cover!
    At first, all I saw was the 'rhino', but then I realized that the reflection in his eye is the peach - very clever!

    Actually, the reason why I follow you is because of your drawings/paintings of a rhinoceros. For my drama individual project I am writing up a production of a play called 'Rhinoceros' by Eugene Ionesco.
    So I was just wondering, would I have your permission to post this picture (your work) on my page as part of my research? Of course, I would acknowledge that it is your work and I would link the reader to your page.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work - you are really talented :)

  2. Of course you can post it :) The play sounds really interesting! Good luck with your drama project!